How to Add Child Locks to Cell Phones

The massive development in the technological sector, especially electronic gadgets such as cell phones, in the recent years has had profound impact on our daily lives. The cell phones today have become common place and almost everyone has their own cell phone. The children have not gone unaffected by the cell phone revolution either. Today the kids of different ages are all hooked to their phones and the data shows an increased usage of cell phones amongst the children. While completely blocking the children from using cell phones is neither possible or feasible but imposing certain restrictions in the form of child lock is extremely important. It is essential that you must regulate the usage of cell phones amongst the kids for various reasons.

There is important data and information stored in the cell phones such as business contacts, project reports, work related files, photos and other relevant important apps as well as documents. In such a scenario handing over the cell phone to the children without any regulation is likely to cause problems like loss of data or other damage. The children might also access apps that are not suitable to their age groups. Thus it is vital that their usage of the cell phones is properly monitored and regulated at all times. One of the ways in which you can regulate the child’s usage of cell phone is by adding child locks to your phone.

Understanding the process of adding child locks to your cell phones

Adding child lock is one of the common yet effective methods of monitoring and regulating the usage of cell phones amongst the kids. The child lock is extremely effective and helps you protect the sensitive data as well as apps from the children by denying them access to these files. There are multiple different ways in which you can add child lock or simple mechanism to prevent the children from accessing restricted apps as well as data. Let us have a look at some of the common ways in which you can add a child lock for your cell phone.

To begin with the most basic way in which you can add a lock is through the general screen lock pattern. You can either lock your phone via a pin, pattern, pass code, finger print or face scan. There are numerous different ways of locking your phone and thus preventing access of your cell phone to the children. However this is the most basic and fundamental method of locking the phone which will prevent complete access to the phone to all users. However if you want to lock specific section or apps then there are other custom methods and specifically designed apps to do the job.

Another effective method of creating a child lock on your cell phone is by creating a user profile in order to limit the access to the apps and phone for the children. You must go to the settings and from there select “add new profile”, then set up a new user with restricted settings. Whenever the child in your home wants to use the phone, let him or her use the phone through this restricted profile that has access to only a limited number of apps and data. This way you can allow them to use the cell phone and yet protect important data as well as sensitive content from their access.

Another way in which you can add a child lock is by downloading the relevant app from the app store or Google play. There are apps such as “Child lock” or “kids place” that are specifically designed to protect the important data in your phone and allow access to the limited number of suitable apps as well as files for the child. These apps enable the child app launcher which only has apps that are meant for use for the children. You can exit from this child app or lock launcher by entering the relevant pin that you used in the first place. You can also set notifications, ringtones and other fancy stuff for the child lock launcher. You can also use a customized wallpaper for the child lock launcher and manage the permissions for the app.

There are also certain customized tools and items that are specifically meant for the children. There are some basic informational content that is added along with the app in order to help the children with the basic standard learning which is an added bonus. There are multiple such apps on the market and you must look at the different apps, their features, compare them and read the reviews from the users before choosing to download one on your cell phone.

Other than this you can also password protect the purchase of apps on the App store or Google Play so that the children cannot accidentally make app purchases. …

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