Stop Your kids From Accessing Porn Online

Developing your child’s belief in pornography will take many forms. We went to high school and junior high to talk to teachers who asked our children what would be considered R in movies. We’ve tried to expose the lies of pornography by talking about their effects on men like Ted Bundy. We took our sons and daughters with us when we went to the movies to speak to the theater directors and protest against a film from the NC-17 (previously classified as X) that came to our society.

All of these actions and more can influence the faith of your child and keep him out of the trap.

The Faith of the Child: I understand that pornography is a sin and can destroy my life, my future marriage, and my family.

You can ask how many details you want to share with a child about pornography without shifting to intuition. A good guide is to look at the scriptures and see how the Lord warns us about certain things. Of course, it does not tell the whole story of how we provoke flesh and meat to sin. For example, in Proverbs, we read this description of a woman who should be avoided: “For the lips of an adulteress, the honey that drips and is sweeter than oil is his discourse.” It is not an explicit description of a prostitute you suggest to someone but gives it meaning.

When you talk to a teenager or a priest of pornography, you can explain that many people today see pictures of naked women and men engaged in sexual activities, but none of that pleases God. Until the age of about 12, your child needs to know that pornography is not good for him. He certainly does not need details to put on.

Talk to your child about how important it is to keep his life clean by protecting what comes in through your eyes. As your child grows, the first interaction happens with some of the sexual images they see in the media, ads, magazines, and so on. Here are some things one could talk about:

Explain that pornography is a medium (words, photographs, movies, music) that stimulates sexual arousal. (If you are not interested in our definition, make it your own, it will be difficult to define it clearly). The beauty and attractiveness of the human body stimulate many emotions. This emotion is appropriate and right in marriage, as God intended. Pornography ruins relationships and can lead to destructive constraints or even dependencies.

Without being too explicit, it explains that there are so-called gradations of pornography. Every passage is dangerous. What may seem harmless could be the first step towards a slippery fall to contaminated water. Warn your child of the danger of bringing raw images into his head and heart. Pornography is inherently so compelling that it is so powerful that even a chance and innocent encounter can make you want to see more.

Explain where there is hard porn and how to stay away. Also explain what to do if your child stumbles into a pornographic book, magazine, or website.

Is pornography a problem for girls?

Men, who are generally more stimulated by seeing than women, will always be the primary consumers of pornography. However, in our sex-saturated culture, pornography also becomes a problem for women.

FamilyLife received a message from a man who had been married for many years before discovering that his wife was devoted to suggestive literature and harmful and compulsive sexual behavior.

Since girls are sexually driven by their emotions rather than by visual stimuli, access to a future problem with pornography can be the interpretation of girls through romantic novels and the fantastic orientation of the soap majority opera and many films.

What happens when you find porn?

Do not be like a mother who has found pornographic literature while she cleans her son’s room and does nothing. Later, with a sigh, he said to a friend, “Children will be children.”

If your child is not present when you find the explicit material, show it to your spouse. Decide who should talk to the child. So create a game plan that gives your child the opportunity, to tell the truth before you show them what they found.

If you find the material when your child is present, you need to start managing it right now. If your spouse is at home, make it together. Sit down, talk to your son and ask where he has pornography and why he’s watching it. Then explain to him why this is wrong and inappropriate.

Make him understand the dangers of pornography. Some people are prone to compulsive pornography; others are alcohol or drugs. Also understand that there are worse things out there on the internet such as escort finder sites like skipthegame.

Tell them that you ask them to be more responsible than in the past. Ask difficult questions regularly. If your child has a room for himself, you may want to remove the door from the hinges to eliminate the possibility of the child leaving and hiding in his room.…

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