Are My Kids Watching Porn?

When we consider those people that are shoppers of online creative activities, we tend to portray the image of people under adulthood. Another area on internet, which denotes the portion of adulthood in society are the porn sites. The number of users of porn sites is increasing over the day, and surprisingly majority of the population accessing these sites are teenagers.

How Many Kids Are Watching Porn?

Today, it’s reported that a minimum of ninety percent of youngsters between the ages of eight and sixteen have watched porn online a minimum of once. Not solely have most teenagers are witnessing such activities; however, boys between twelve to seventeen are literally the most important shoppers of online porn.
With this data point, porn has even been compared to the drug that is an alternative for youth to enjoy. The number of youngsters accessing creative activities is actually threatening. The most surprising fact attached to it is, the statistics is rising with each passing year. As per the statistics lately reported, children mostly at the age of eleven are said to be the regular and consistent watchers of porn.

Easy Access

One of the major reasons the use of porn is increasing is, it’s easy access to kids. While some of the online websites requires an individual to make the purchase, but bulk of them is available for free for children and adults to have access to. For accessing the site, all an individual is required to do is make some mouse clicks and porn is all in front of them and that too without any charge.

How to Understand if Your Kid is Watching Porn?

Some of the signs which can enable you know if your kid is watching porn has been listed below:

  • Is your kid terribly interested in the physiological property at an awfully young age?
  • Do they appear fascinated by the thought of sex and their genitals? 
  • Has your kid showed any early signs of sexual activity?
  • Does one have reason to believe that they need to be indulged in sexual contact before?
  • Are there charges shooting up on your MasterCard that you simply don’t have any clue wherever they came from?
  • Is your kid perpetually asking to borrow your credit card, however never provides you a straight answer on why they have it?

If you begin witnessing any of those warning signs, this could be a red flag to you that something fishy is going on and something which needs your immediate attention.

Suspicions of Creative Activities and Addiction to Porn

Porn addiction could be significantly dangerous and alarming issue that must be addressed immediately without any delay otherwise it shall prove devastating. The National Council on Sexual Addiction trait has calculated that since past years, six to eight percent of American citizens suffer from sex addiction. Alternative organizations are even stating that the amount is higher, at ten percent.

It is one of the issues to speak to your kid especially with the ones who have watched porn once or double or even more than that. Even though you might a bit uncomfortable to talk about it but pushing the matter won’t help and might have a bad impact on both your kid and family. If in case you are sure that your child incorporates a porn or addiction, you may get the signs on their online activities. Some of the steps which you can take in such circumstances has been listed below:

  • Talk to somebody concerning it. Check out hiring trained professionals that you simply will trust to assist get your child through this addiction. You may take your kid to a medical care practitioner. Therapists usually discover alternative underlying issues that result in addictions and are ready to provide with alternatives that can help children overcome the problem.
  • Educate yourself on porn addiction. Learn specifically how this technology addiction impacts your child and their life. Once you recognize the problem, you will be in a better position and highly equipped to help them.

What is the Typical Age One Can Be Exposed to Porn and How?

Establishing right age needs more efforts and surveillance to establish and operate. Especially because of the fact that, the sites are available easily and also because of the huge availability of online streaming videos which has adult content available over it. Till the time, your kid is ready for the extra piece of information, it is the duty of every parent to keep an eye on the kids and their activities and ensure that their innocence is maintained and adult porn is introduced only at the time when they are grown and capable to understand it.

Parents can even seek the assistance of teachers to understand that when is the right age for children to understand porn and introduce the same. Opting for thorough discussions and then arriving at the final conclusion is the right and most sensible thing to do.…

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